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Oakmount and Partners Ltd.

Established in 2009.

Voted as the Best Corporate Investment Consultancy & Best Fixed-income & Investment Specialists 2020.  By the SME UK Enterprise Awards & SME UK Finance Awards.
For further information, please register to learn more about investments that offer annual yields of 7-12% & in some instances unlimited upside potential for IPO opportunities.
''Our customers have yielded an annual rate of return of 12% consistently over the last 4 years alone.''
''We're making your money work SMARTER''
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At Oakmount, we can give you access to globally diversified investment opportunities in the following market sectors: 

  • UK Commercial & residential property 

  • UK Land acquisition & development 

  • Car leasing market 

  • Commodities 

  • Gold & mining projects

  • Clean energy 

  • Green-tech 

  • Initial public offerings (IPO's) 

which are specifically designed to:

  • Preserve your capital 

  • Reduce volatility & improve returns

  • Use diversification to increase performance

  • Generate regular income & capital growth

and have the following highlights:

  • Asset-backed & secured

  • Income paid monthly, quarterly & bi-annually

  • ISA approved opportunities

  • Established businesses

  • Extensive track records of performance

  • Very experienced teams of professionals

  • Highly-proficient corporate platform

  • 100% track record in making investor payments

  • Investments with defined exits upon maturity 


Giving Oakmount a broad range of high-yield investments for our customers.


So for further information regarding asset-backed investments with annual yields of 7-12% and unlimited upside potential with our IPO opportunities, please register above.


Your details will be handled with the utmost of courtesy and professionalism.


Further information regarding the full range of our services can be found on our website: 

Thank you, from all the team at Oakmount.

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